creating songs


‘Creating songs, creating ouvres, creating careers…’

Anyone who wants to build a position in the musical landscape today should not get stuck in a genre. Toul knows that. This duo is formed by Toer Greve and Luuk Bergervoet; two passionate musicians who have made their work of writing and producing pop songs. Forget those names. Because for Toul it is clear: it is not about them, but about the artists they want to wear.

Where many musical talents like to be in the foreground, Toul sees her task serving. Toul wants to use her talent to help artists with a remarkable oeuvre by providing them with striking songs and creative input.
The toulbox is impressive, because these producers are not bound by one musical style. They move with great ease in the space that lies between all those styles, from R&B to poppy disco and from EDM to trap.

Toul is characterized by its surprising own timbre, enormous craftsmanship and unprecedented discipline. Where unpredictability is always great in the artistic profession, Toul works tightly, quickly and passionately on the songs and hits of tomorrow. Toul Music knows that a solid song is not based on artistic inspiration, but on talent and hard work.